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Behind the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools

father and sons Nathaniel, Jonathan, John and Philip

John Cahal

President of the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools, felt first hand the frustration of watching one of his own children struggling to learn to read. He listened as his son's teacher, the school psychologist and principal tried to convince him and his wife their son was learning disabled. Cahal's wife, a psychologist, determined he wasn't. Cahal became concerned with these professionals who would rather find something wrong with his son, than find a solution.

Cahal began looking for help. To his dismay, all the tutoring centers he contacted were using the same method that had failed his son. The method called Whole Language teaches word memorization. According to most studies, Whole Language was and is the number one cause of illiteracy in America today. Cahal decided to take matters into his own hands. His actions set into motion a chain of events that would change his son's life, and thousands of other parents' and students' lives forever.

Cahal hired teachers and began training them in phonics. Using the program he tried to have adopted along with other phonetic materials, he opened the first ABC Phonetic Reading School ® in the fall of 1986. The school was a success however, not as successful as Cahal wished. "He set out on a mission to develop a phonics program that would teach every student wishing to learn to read, to read."

Gathering together a team of experts in early child development and education, Cahal began to develop his comprehensive phonics program. After two years of research and development the program was completed. Cahal began using the program in his school with phenomenal success. On average his students' reading skills were improving one and a half to three full grade levels. He could now assure students and parents a minimum full grade level of improvement. If not, he would guarantee to continue teaching the student for free until a full grade level was achieved. Cahal copyrighted the ABC Phonetic Program Set© in 1988. ABC's reading program focuses on the neuropsychology of learning and applies it to the phonetic code of our language. Cahal's team had developed a multi-sensory phonetic reading program.

In other words ABC's approach addresses auditory, visual and tactile learning styles. This approach provides teachers and students the tools necessary for success. The result, multiple grade level improvement for remedial students and guaranteed at or above grade level reading skills for students in those schools who adopt ABC's program.

Since 1988, ABC has opened and licensed multiple learning centers across the nation and in Canada. ABC's program success has spawned charter schools and been adopted by public schools as full curriculum K-3rd grade material and in special education classrooms. John Cahal's mission won't be accomplished until every school in America retrains their current teachers in phonics and adopts his program, or one with comparable results. Not until Universities start teaching what works; phonics, to new student teachers seeking to become teachers of tomorrow will John have accomplished his dream and his mission.

Why Come to ABC?

  • Accountability, ABC sets the standard. All students improve 1-3 full grade levels, in 8-20 weeks or we gladly continue teaching for free until achieved.
  • One on One individual instruction. ABC students get all the attention, all the time, and their with the same teacher every session.
  • Students learn in an atmosphere charged with confidence, challenge, success and fun.
  • ABC's proven multi sensory methodology provide students the skills for immediate success. Skills that become the foundation upon which academic motivation, growth, confidence and self esteem flourish.
  • ABC's staff are Certified Professionals, trained in ABC's multi-sensory methodology, therefor, they are Masters level instructors.
  • ABC specializes in teaching students labeled learning disabled, including dyslexia, attention deficit disorders and auditory sequential processing problems, to name a few.
  • Math instruction using the same multi sensory approach used in our reading program, and the same guarantee of 1 to 3 full grade level of improvement in 8 to 20 weeks.
  • Test preparation for various State requirements (Arizona, California and Georgia) as well as SAT and GED.
  • Ages from 4 and beyond.
  • ABC Guarantees a minimum full grade level of improvement 40 sessions or we gladly continue teaching for free until a full grade level is achieved.
  • Fees vary depending on length and type of program chosen. Payment plans are available to fit all budgets.
  • Visa & Master Card accepted.







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