Testimonials: Parents

The following are a sampling of testimonials from Parents:

We can't begin to tell you how satisfied we are with the program at the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. Our son took a twelve week course and the end results were amazing! He improved from a 81% (B-) reading grade to a 93% (A) grade, and can read up to 6th grade level books as a 3rd grader. He enjoyed his time and his teacher at ABC. Our son's reading greatly improved, but not only that, he can now sound out any word and completely understands all the phonetic sounds. All the time, effort, and money invested for this program was definitely worth it. Our son had a positively great learning experience at ABC which will be his foundation for future success and happiness. We would do it all over again without a doubt. We recommend the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools for anyone desiring to improve their reading, writing, spelling and other learning skills. - Renee & Steve Thomas
Our 9 year old daughter, Celina, was in 3rd grade resource class, reading at a 2nd grade level. We enrolled her in the 12 week program at ABC. Within that period, her reading and spelling improved tremendously, one and a half grade levels. Celina is able to read challenging words her school teacher presents to the class, while the other students give up. Her teacher told us that Celina would take a word apart and put it together again. She brought us the best report card she has ever gotten. We were so pleased with the results that we enrolled Celina for a math tutoring program at ABC. In her very first math class she learned a concept we had been trying to teach her for weeks. My husband and I highly recommend the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. - Lorraine & Jose Ballesteros
My son was held back in 2nd grade, a nonreader before we found ABC. In 3-4 weeks, we began to see marked improvement. His public school teacher said Ernie was truly a success story. Our son went from a nonreader, failing his 2nd grade, to making "A" and "B" grades and being awarded Student of the Month. We are so proud! Ernie's teacher at ABC was just wonderful and Ernie really looked forward to going to class. I'm here today so that parents will know that there is a solution to reading problems, and it's the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. Call them today. You'll be glad you did. - Mr. Kennemer
My daughter had been placed in special reading classes since the first grade. She would improve slightly. The school system would tell us she had improved and there was no longer enough room in the class to accommodate her. She would be put back in regular classes.

After 6 years of this, we enrolled her at the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. After a 12 week program, she raised her reading grade from a "D" to an "A". We had her tested for a learning disability by an independent source before and after ABC. Before, she was three years behind in phonics. After, she was at grade level. - Jody Gibson
Before attending ABC, our daughter, Nichole, was losing confidence and had been struggling at school for two years. During the twelve weeks she attended ABC, we saw her improve in leaps and bounds, progressing in compensating for her dyslexia. I wish the public school system would employ the same techniques and high level of teaching standards I have seen at the ABC Phonetic Reading School. - Patty & Greg Floto
Our son, Chris, was in a reading resource class all through elementary school. In 8th grade, Chris was reading at a 6th grade level. He was embarrassed and had a strong desire to get out. We heard about ABC and then took our son in. They recommended an eight week program. At the end of the eight weeks, we were not entirely satisfied, nor was ABC. ABC continued to teach our son for free. When completed with an additional 4 weeks at ABC, Chris went into the 9th grade, reading at an 11.3 grade level. We're here today giving testimony so that your children won't have to suffer as ours did. Parents, call the ABC Phonetic Reading School today. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Don't wait as long as we did. - Mr. & Mrs. Godfrey
Before ABC, my son, Bobby, spent 5 years in disability classes. The school told me that he was borderline "retarded", and would never read. After the ABC program, Bobby was mainstreamed and maintains a "B" average in regular classes. - Mrs. Lucero
My son, Heath, went from 7th grade LD classes, reading at a 3rd grade level to mainstream classes, in 8th grade, reading at an 8th grade level. He maintained a "B" average. ABC changed his life. Don't wait. Call ABC. - Mr. Leonhardt
We'd been through other programs and had almost given up until we heard about ABC. Our son, Jason, expressed his appreciation at Thanksgiving when he gave thanks for finally learning how to read. ABC also taught him to believe in himself. His last report card was his best ever. - Mr. Ornelas
My son went from a "C" and "D" student to straight "A's". He was awarded top student out of three 5th grade classes - simply amazing! I highly recommend ABC. - Steve Albany
We enrolled Ian for a twelve week program at the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools and have really seen a change in his attitude and work habits. He is mainstreamed now and enjoys not having to go to the special classes. He enjoys school more and his grades are better. He doesn't say, "I can't, " anymore, but actually seeks out challenges. He wants to read books above his grade level. This is what we were looking for going in, this is what we paid for, and this is what we got at ABC. We are very satisfied with the program, especially the one-on-one attention Ian received throughout. - Walter & Laurie Cole
Twelve weeks ago, my wife and I enrolled our 9 year old daughter, Leah, in the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. In that time, our daughter has shown a lot more confidence in her reading. She is not afraid to tackle new books and read them. Leah now has the right tools to read accurately and to understand what she has read. She is no longer substituting or skipping words as she did before.

In three years of public schooling, her instructors have failed to provide Leah with the tools required to read and comprehend. Instead, she was taught sight reading. In other words, if Leah didn't know a word, she was to make up a word or pass over it. She would have no idea what she was reading. This type of instruction at the public school was dragging her down in her schoolwork and destroying her self-esteem. It is very disappointing that reading has been made a second-class subject. If it were not for private organizations like ABC, our kids would be lacking the ability to understand and tackle new ideas as life requires.

ABC PHONETIC READING SCHOOLS, thank you! The one-on-one instruction was outstanding. Anyone who has a child with a reading problem should give ABC a chance. IT IS WORTH IT! During her program, Leah began to feel good about herself. ABC was a tremendous help in building up her self-confidence. She reads new books now instead of picking out ones she's already memorized. She finally has the tools she needs to succeed in school. Her teachers at school have seen her progress. My wife and I are very pleased with the results that ABC accomplished with Leah. - Lynn & Josephine Stickel
The past two years have been very frustrating for our son Blake, and us. By the end of the first grade, it was clear that Blake was a year behind in his reading. At that time, we decided to put Blake in a private school so he would be in smaller classes and receive more of the individual attention he needed to catch up.

The curriculum was so advanced, he could not keep up. His teacher and school psychologist knew there was a problem, but had no means to correct it by their experience and programming. We had many tests done to see if there was any type of learning difficulty. None was found. However, even with the help of a school tutor, Blake was falling further and further behind. The school warned us that he might be held back again if no improvements were seen.

Tired of the frustration, I called the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. After just his first month of one-on-one instruction with the program at ABC, we could see that something was changing for the better. His school teachers saw it too. We had been told by the school psychologist that Blake could never be taught to read phonetically, but for the first time in his life, BLAKE WAS READING. It was the first positive educational experience he has had.

By the end of his 12 week program, Blake had caught up with the rest of his class. His school retested Blake and passed him into the next grade. He even received an award at the end of the school year for being the most improved reader. ABC not only helped Blake's reading grade, but all of his grades improved because now he could read. We have never been more pleased with the grades he received at the end of the school year, six "B's" and two "A's".

We would definitely recommend this program to anyone who may be having trouble with reading. It's the best investment you can make in your child's future. Don't wait until your child starts showing signs of frustration, changes in attitude and even health problems due to trouble in school. Get the help they need before other problems start. - Julie & Bob Garrison
My son, Jorge, attended ABC for eight weeks and I am very pleased with the results. I have seen an improvement in his reading and his enthusiasm for reading has definitely increased. He no longer hesitates to get a book or two and read them aloud to me, or to himself. I am truly satisfied with the ABC program and will recommend it to anyone with reading difficulties. - Aurelia Cirerol
I brought my son, CJ, to ABC because I believe that you must have a good basic understanding of phonics in order to read. CJ is only 6 years old going into the first grade. There was much discussion between myself, my husband and teachers about whether CJ was too young, and that his public school teachers would not be given a chance to teach him. Other parents of first graders I know did wait and their children got behind in school. I went ahead and placed CJ in a 12 week course and I'm so glad I did!

Now CJ can read three to eight letter words using his phonetic skills. CJ is ahead of his 1st grade class, helping his fellow students to sound out simple words. I am totally satisfied with this program and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a son or daughter about to enter school. This way they will receive a good basic foundation in reading instead of developing reading problems! - Kathy Joy
Just 12 weeks ago, my 8 year old daughter couldn't even read two letter words. I heard about ABC Phonetic Reading School on TV and called right away. It was the best phone call I've ever made.

The one-on-one class attention has renewed her self-esteem and built her confidence in not only her reading, but in all her learning skills. Velvet has advanced two grade levels during her program and I couldn't be happier.

Of course I would recommend this program to anyone who may be having trouble reading. It's a great investment to make in your child. - Cynthia Knott
My name is Willie Withers. I am the father of Jessica and Willie Jr. When I first heard about ABC Phonetic Reading Schools, I did not think much about it. I thought it was just another television commercial--a gimmick to get money from people. I thought carefully to myself. What could this place teach my son and daughter that the Atlanta Public Schools could not teach them? After seeing this commercial several times, my wife and I decided to call for more information because of ABC's guarantee. If we were not satisfied that the children improved 1 grade level or more in their reading (by outside testing), then further classes would be free. So we enrolled them.

They started the ABC program. After seven to eight weeks had passed, Willie and Jessica were actually reading words we could not believe. They were so proud of themselves. They were very excited about reading to us.

When Will and Jessica completed the 12th week of the program, my wife and I were so very pleased that we decided to let Jessica stay for an additional four weeks to "catch up" with her older brother, Willie. Now they have completed the course and are doing extremely well in school—in all subjects.

Now, when I get home from work, Willie has already completed his homework. When I pick Jessica up from school, she has completed her homework as well. This is occurring every day. We are so glad we made that phone call and that our money was not thrown down the drain. We just can't thank God enough for the ABC Phonetic Reading School and Learning Centers for setting up such a program to help others in the world today. My wife and I would like to take this time to say to our children's teachers, "We will always love you because you have made such a difference in our lives." - Willie and Karen Withers
I have nothing but good things to say about the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools Program. It is wonderful! I'm so glad I found it for my son. Travis's teacher is wonderful! He has really picked up since ABC! We are very pleased. Michael Musto
Our son, Brandon, had been having great difficulties with school in the early grades. We and his school felt that Brandon needed help. After reviewing their facilities, program and staff personally and then again with Brandon's principal and school teacher, we enrolled Brandon for a 16 week program at the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools.

In that time at ABC, we've seen a 100% turn around in his school work, a difference of night and day. As a 4th grader, he can now read 6th grade level books. Testing showed an improvement of two grade levels. His spelling has improved to where he is getting "A's". In fact, all of his grades have improved.

His school teacher said that the back-to-basics approach of ABC has really improved Brandon's performance. His confidence and self-esteem is higher. Even his handwriting has improved. We feel he knows how to study now and that he will study on his own.

After seeing how well our son was doing, we enrolled our daughter, Emily, in the program also.

Emily has always done well in school. We felt she wasn't being challenged enough, so we enrolled her at ABC. After an eight week program, Emily is reading much better. She is ahead of her class on schoolwork and can read 3rd grade level books as a 1st grader. Her spelling has improved a great deal. She sounds out words on her own, something she didn't do before attending ABC.

If you are concerned about your children's education, enrolling them in any program at the ABC Phonetic Reading School would be very beneficial. We highly recommend their service. - David & Carla Cook
Our 10 year old son, Steven, was struggling in school. The harder we tried, it seemed we failed even more. His conduct at school became uncontrollable. His teacher felt as though she could not help Steven because he did not want the help. Steven was frustrated and ready to give up. We thought Steven might have a learning disability. We scheduled testing and by the end of the year, results seemed to prove we were right. Steven was labeled as Learning Disabled (LD) and as having a Behavior Disorder (BD).

Because Steven was older than most of the children in his 3rd grade class, holding him back was not the route his teacher felt would be best. She recommended tutoring in Reading and Language Arts. We are convinced Steven would have been below grade level or even in detention because he did not know how to read. He had never been taught true phonics. It was at this point we enrolled Steven in the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools.

After his summer program with ABC, Steven started the fourth grade. He was watched by his 4th grade teacher and the special education department in the school. Around the sixth week of school, we met with both of them. Steven's teacher reviewed the psychological and provided current school work for us to review. After evaluating the psychological, she said, "THIS IS NOT THE SAME CHILD I HAD IN MY CLASS!" The work we reviewed was an assignment from each subject. Steven had made a 100 on each. The teacher commented that only two students had made a 100 on one of the papers; Steven was one of them.

What had changed from 3rd grade over the summer to 4th grade was the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools. Steven is no longer in Chapter One Reading, getting "C's" down to "F's", as he had before. His reading grade now is 98%, an "A" in the mainstreamed classes. His new report card had one "B" and then all "A's". Steven has gone from below grade level in reading to above grade level.

Thank you, ABC! - Lynne & Timothy Scruggs
During the eight weeks my son has been in the program at ABC Phonetic Reading Schools, I've noticed that not only has his reading improved, but also his enthusiasm for study. He has improved in reading aloud and doesn't stumble over words as he used to. The thing that impressed me the most was the attention given to my son. I am totally satisfied. I would definitely recommend ABC to anyone whose son or daughter is having difficulty with reading. - Jim Burr
As the tutoring sessions come to an end, I would like to express my gratitude to Brad's teacher for the dedication he has shown in helping to build self-esteem and confidence in my son, Brad. Because of the "genuine" concern, understanding and consideration on his teacher's part, Brad has definitely improved during his 16 week course of phonetic teaching. Brad admires his teacher tremendously. Mary Jo Elrod Rayburn


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