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"During preschool, kindergarten and first grade the reading instruction I received did little to teach me to read and comprehend. During the second grade I was still not a good reader and this was affecting all of my other subjects. At this time my parents discovered ABC Phonetic Reading Schools and I was promptly enrolled.

In the years since the second grade I have become an avid reader. My comprehension and retention have also improved. I have also had a poem published and won an essay contest. I am currently reading beyond my age, and reading level thanks to ABC.

Probably the most exciting thing is the phonics has helped me with all of my subjects, and this year I am starting the 9th Grade at Xavier College Preparatory. - Sarah Wilson
At 50 years of age, I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, own my own business and direct its scientific laboratory. Yet, I struggled with a reading deficiency. There are many types of reading difficulties, from not knowing how to read at all, to being a slow, plodding reader, as I was.

I read haltingly. Reading for me was very tiresome. I only read when I really had to, and it was not enjoyable for me. After talking about my difficulty with a teacher at ABC, I decided to give myself a chance to improve my reading skills. Together, my teacher and I set goals for helping me to read more effectively.

While there, I learned how to read with greater fluency. I also learned more about the English language, thereby increasing my confidence and helping me to relax and enjoy reading. I feel that the instruction at ABC really helped, where other programs I have tried seemed to offer artificial promises.

Many adults have trouble reading, but would rather keep it to themselves, accepting the struggles they have to face. You're never too young or old to improve yourself and your reading. People may assume that because you have a certain level of education, you don't have such difficulties. But I know that I have had to work harder to get to where I am, and my reading difficulties have hindered what I cold have done. It is NOT too late to learn! Call today. - Richard Johnson
I am a teacher who loves success, and success comes to both teacher and student when a student is taught by the ABC Phonetic Reading Schools Phonics Program Set.

What make the Phonetics Reading Set Program so great is that it builds sequentially, and as it builds it repeats that which has been taught in order to reinforce it.

Since 1991 I have been teaching the ABC program. During these seven years I have taught the program one-on-one and with groups. For two of these years I was the LD resource teacher at ABC Alternative Learning, a Charter School, where I successfully remediated 45% of the school population who needed the program.

Absolutely, the Phonetics Reading Set Program is a miracle worker. I have worked with other phonics programs - Project Read, Spaulding - but have found that it is the way that the ABC program progresses and what it includes that make it superior.

I am a certified English and Special Education Teacher with a BS and MEd in English and a Masters in Learning Disabilities-Behavior Disorders. - Martha Swetman
When I first heard about ABC, I was skeptical about what I could learn. Since I have gone through their 10 week course, I have really come out better than when I began. I thought it was the greatest thing I could have done. I would advise anyone who has a reading problem, young or old, to go to ABC. I am 46 years old and thought it was a fantastic course to go through. You will accomplish a lot from it.

Because of what I have gained, I have already started telling people all about the program. I am very satisfied. I think people should get help now instead of waiting years to get ahead in life. It really hurts you when you don't know how to read well. Now, I believe I can go out there and do something. - Leo Neumann
When I first came to ABC, I was really scared. I thought it would be a class full of young kids. Working one-on-one was really good. I didn't have to worry about making mistakes. In 10 weeks at ABC, I've learned how to read, write and go on with my life without holding back. My boss noticed, and I'm going up at work. The program has helped my confidence a lot. I'm not afraid of bigger challenges now.

I was in special classes all through school, but they never helped. I never before had a teacher that could really teach me how to read. I was skeptical about what I could do in just ten weeks, but I really learned. I'm not afraid to stand up and read, and to tell people what I'm thinking. I can spell a word now without getting embarrassed.

I think that everyone should go, at any age. It's a great thing to do. I shouldn't have waited as long as I did. I'm 23, and that was too long to wait. - Kelly Neumann
My overall grade average was in the 50% range, failing. Now it is in the 89% range, "B" level. An "F" to a "B"! I think that going to ABC was really interesting. I learned a lot. It was great. It is a really cool place and it helps a lot. It's fun and it's impressive. It is nice for a person to be able to walk up to signs and read them. You can't just go around all your life without being able to read. You can't do anything without being able to read.

When I first started the 6th grade, my reading grade was a "D". By the middle of the year, after my 12 week program, I was getting an "A" in reading. Now in the new school year, I'm getting the best grades ever. My mom says I'm doing great. Things are really picking up! - Shannon Tilley
As a current teacher at a college-preparatory high school, I know what is expected of children from our educational system. My son, Samuel, was not getting enough attention, and therefore not learning how to read or spell effectively. This was a detriment to his self-esteem.

ABC Phonetic Reading Schools turned my son around. His grades have come up in reading and spelling, and his attitude about school has become positive. He likes to read now! We have already made a definite commitment to send our other son to ABC before he enters first grade. - Stuart & Cynthia Gooding
I think that ABC was really great! It was nice and I liked learning a lot. They taught me more at ABC than at my regular school. My teacher didn't just tell me to do something, he showed me how to do things. I wish I could come here 6 hours, everyday, instead of regular school. - Samuel Gooding
I would recommend ABC because it improves your reading and it's fun! - Ronnie Burr


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