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Twelve kids learned to read Twelve kids outline

  1. Danielle Sikora - ABC turned on the light for her, giving her a joy for reading. She loves to rhyme.
  2. Jonny Cahal - ABC taught him that letters make sounds and sounds make words. He's beginning to read at 3 years 6 months.
  3. Philip Cahal - ABC gave him an enthusiasm for learning... language taught, the way it should be taught with the basic building blocks and the sounds they make.
  4. Jacob Larowe - ABC is an exceptional mix of games and learning, using the best of tools, Phonics.
  5. William Morris - ABC gave him a love for reading... he entered Kindergarten reading at a 2nd grade level.
  6. Nia Briscoe - ABC boosted her confidence and improved her reading skills. She had fun learning, too!
  7. Willie Liddell - ABC gave him enjoyment and understanding of how the language works. He is doing much better in school.
  8. Gary Aldaco - ABC gave him the confidence to read to others. He always wants to read to me now!
  9. Erin Frisbie - ABC gave her a great head start. She was well prepared for Kindergarten and by 1st grade, she was a grade-level ahead.
  10. Colleen Frisbie - ABC awakened her curiosity to learn the language. She sounds out words on billboards and cereal boxes. The sing song approach is fun!
  11. Paige Sikora - ABC gave her an early exposure to reading. At 3 years 6 months she knows all the letters and the sounds they make. She loves the cards and likes to practice writing.
  12. Vinnie Fiorucci - ABC made it easy for him to learn to sound out words. It was a great start and can be used a lot of different ways.


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